Vintage Fender Princeton Reverb 1966


$ 2,299.99 

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THE Vintage Throw and Go Amplifier!  This 1966 Fender Princeton Reverb has a number of modern refinements to compliment all the of classic vintage features to make this a must have player's amp.  Tolex and Grille Cloth are very clean, and the knobs have very light wear.

  • Weber 10F150A loaded in cab
  • The Original Gold Back Jensen will ship with amp (boxed)
  • 2nd owner, recent cap job, 3 pronged cord done by Jeff Andrews Amp Lab
  • All original tubes except NOS JAN Phillips 6V6 power tubes,
  • Mods--- extra speaker jack is a bias pot, looks the same but there's a flat head
  • screw inside the hole for biasing.
  • Studio Slips padded cover  

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