ToneVille Beale Street 1 x 12 Combo


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Great savings on a floor model of this killer amp.  Still brand new, in excellent condition with warranty.

Based off the 1960's American circuit, this amp has plenty of crunch and super sweet cleans. Keep the volume level low and you get a tone that will make you cry. Crank up the volume and you'll hear why this is Guitar World's "desert island amp."

  • 20 Watt Handwired Tube Amplifier
  • G12H 55hz Ceramic Celestion Speaker Made in England
  • ToneVille Knob, special 3-way switch to choose mid-range capacitor
  • Master Push-Pull Knob allows for pushing the tubes at low volume
  • Simplified controls for ease of use, visually minimalistic, purest clean sounds possible
  • Switchable between 4, 8, and 16 Ohms
  • Output on the back exclusively for connecting to the ToneVille extension cab (while operating at 8 Ohms)
  • Grained, anodized, and custom milled aluminum chassis 17"x9.25"x3"

  • [V] Genelex Gold Lion - Gold Pin 12ax7
  • [V2] RCA BP NOS 5965 (12at7)
  • [power] 1 pair matched Tung-Sol 6V6GT
  • [rectifier] RCA NOS 5V4, or upgrage to Mullard NOS GZ-34 (see FAQ)

What have we done different? The ToneVille Knob gives you super tone as a three-way capacitor selector. Great in situations where the amp is moved to the stage and all the sudden the bass frequencies are over-amplified, or in the studio the amp becomes lifeless: the ToneVille Knob will switch capacitors to add mid-range, mid & bass-range, or bright without sacrificing tone or changes in the EQ stack.

What have we improved upon? We start with a hand selected combination of the highest quality N.O.S. and new production tubes we can get our hands on. We use only hand wound transformers, custom built to very exact specifications for our ToneVille amps. Our amps are also hand-wired with high quality hi-fi components (no expense spared) and solid grounding to our custom built aluminum chassis. Best of all, we have our Celestion speakers tuned to our specifications.

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