Pre- Owned Visual Sound Comp 66 Compressor


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Pre- Owned Visual Sound Comp 66 Compressor in good condition.  There is minor wear and tear on the housing, but is in perfect working order.  Comes pedalboard ready with velcro on the bottom.


As a part of its V2 Series of pedals, Visual Sound is proud to announce the arrival of its original Compressor now in a single pedal called Comp 66. As soon as the Route 66 pedal came out in 1999, Visual Sound started getting request upon request for the compressor channel to be made into a single pedal. Well here it is! This new effect pedal can sound like the vintage Dyna Comp or Ross compressor, only much more versatile.

The Visual Sound V2CMP66 Comp 66 is a compression pedal that has a switchable Tone Control knob and a clean/boost preamp controlled by the Gain knob. The Comp 66 is a powerhouse of compression that's as quiet as a church mouse!

Equipped with level knobs for Comp, Tone, and Gain, it can be set for classic squash or clean boost with the unique preamp stage and Gain knob. This allows for a truckload of clean gain. The tone control can be switched on for maximum control, or off to simplify your tone control to just your instrument knob. 1/4" jacks in and out.

Features a die-cast aluminum housing, ultra-reliable 10-million cycle switching, easy battery access, and circuit protection from AC adapters.

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