Pre-Owned John Suhr Standard


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The Pro Series M models are based on the highly acclaimed Custom Modern model that was introduced in 2008. Already receiving accolades as the very best 24-fret bolt-on guitar available on the market, the Pro M models are essentially the same guitars as the Custom Moderns but with a non-gloss “soft touch” finish that has a satin-like feel.

The M1 (equipped with Gotoh double-locking bridge) and M3 (Gotoh 510 bridge) models have a lightweight Alder body for a full rich sound and is complemented by a Maple neck with Pau Ferro fingerboard. This wood combination is one of John’s favorites and excels in high-gain overdrive or distortion applications. The M2 and M4 are the same as the M1 and M3, respectively, but with a Maple fretboard.

The pickups are the popular SSH+ in the bridge position and the SSV in the neck. With the Mega 4-pole 5-way switch, you get two single-coil modes that have distinctive sparkle and chime for beautiful shimmering clean sounds as well as all-out shred and warm jazz sounds in the three humbucker modes. The Gotoh double-locking tremolo system is the best of its kind in its smooth operation and first-rate construction quality. Also stock on the M1 and M2 models is jumbo stainless steel frets for a super slick and smooth feel as well as long-lasting durability – as much as 4 times the life of nickel frets before dress work or refretting is required.

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