Pre-Owned Friedman BE-OD


$ 130.00 

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Save on this Pre-Owned Friedman BE-OD. It was used on a pedal board rack system and is in almost new condition. Comes with box, felt carrying bag and instructions. The BE-OD boasts an interior trim pot for adjusting the signal through the pedal. This allows users to set the maximum gain for the exterior knob on the top of the pedal. It's in perfect working condition.

Pre-Owned Friedman BE-OD. The Friedman BE-OD overdrive pedal nails the sound of the company's BE-100 "Brown Eye" amp, perfect for getting that saturated tube amp character from a cleaner amp. All the controls from the Brown Eye amp are packed into this rugged, compact pedal, including the tone control section and "Tight" knob to masterfully sculpt your tone and get convincing boutique amp sounds from any rig. From subtle, present crunch to fat and saturated lead sounds, the BE-OD can get you where you want to go and then some.

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