Port City 2 x 12 Wave Cabinet Black


$ 699.00 

This is a Pre-Owned Port City 2 x 12 Wave Cabinet in very good condition.  This has been a gigging cabinet, so there is some wear and tear, but no major rips in the tolex or grille cloth.  It is loaded with a Tone Tubby Alnico Red (8 Ohms), and a Jensen New N12 100 (8 Ohms).  The Cabinet is wired in series, giving it a 16 Ohm Rating.

Our patented Port City Wave Cabinets are a fundamentally different approach to the speaker cabinet. Rather than creating a rectangular box, adding speakers, and hoping for the best, we developed our Wave cabinets to physically interact with the speakers in a more musical way. Inside of every Port City Wave cabinet, there are 45-degree sound deflecting panels along the top and bottom of the back panel. These panels allow the back waves from the speakers to reflect out of the angled port along the width of the front of the cabinet and up to the player. This simple yet effective design yields very noticeable results, with a more balanced tone that doesn’t attenuate or boost any frequencies. This allows every note your speaker produces to be heard as it should be. These cabinets are used by professionals for everything from jazz to metal to country and perform exceptionally in all environments.

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