Nick Greer The Burning Goat

Nick Greer

$ 189.99 

The Burning Goat is a medium overdrive pedal.  Loosely based on a pedal that a friend of ours built, this pedal has a natural light clipping texture that blends with most every amp.  The Burning Goat is in use by bands ranging from country to rock to metal bands.  The sounds that this pedal pushes out are classic, and refined.  From clean boost, to light overdrive, to singing, sustaining medium overdrive, this pedal is at home with any musical style.  The tone control acts almost as a presence control.  As the tone control is increased, it pushes both high-end frequencies, and gain levels up.  This pedal is NOT A "SCREAMER" type pedal.  Think outside of the tonal box with the Burning Goat!

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