Magnatone Varsity Arches 1 x 12 Combo


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The Varsity 12
On stage, in the studio or with friends at home, the Varsity is a powerful and responsive  amp with a great fun factor. The EL84 power tubes in push-pull 15-watt configuration are bright and lively, full of color and harmonics. The dual 12AX7s in the preamp provide a classic American front-end tone. The overall sound is much bigger than the power rating!

The Varsity is part of Magnatone's Studio Collection. All Studio Collection amps have the following features:
- Compact size with loads of power
- Plug and play and easy to dial in tone
- El-84 or 6L6 power tubes with point-to-point hand-wired circuitry
- Custom-design speaker by WGS
- Negative feedback (NFB) switch changes gain and harmonics by restructuring the power amp
- Saddle leather handle made to exact vintage specs
- Two choices of front designs (TV and Cathedral)
- Luxury croc coverings available in black or burgundy colors (100% cotton textile)
- 100% designed and hand-built in the USA


- Tube compliment: (2) 12AX7, (2) EL84, GZ34
- Inputs: high and low sensitivity
- Power output: 15 watts push-pull class AB
- Treble: 14dB range at 2kHz
- Bass: 12dB range at 60Hz
- Reverb (Varsity Reverb 12 only): tube driven 4 counterwound springs long pan

- Speaker: custom Magnatone 12”, Option: Celestion Gold Alnico
- Negative feedback (Varsity Head only): (NFB): open or closed
- Dimensions: 18.5” x 21” x 9.5”
- Weight: 33 lbs.

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