Lehle 3 at 1 Switcher Pedal


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This is a preowned Lehle 3at1 switcher pedal.  It is in excellent condition, with some small scratches on the housing-nothing major.  There is no box, but it comes with the original power supply.

Lehle 3at1 SGoS Instrument Switcher at a Glance:
  • Inaudible instrument switching
  • Mix and match instruments and sources
  • Professional switching capabilities
Inaudible instrument switching

The whole point of the Lehle 3at1 SGoS instrument switcher is that your audience shouldn't know you're switching instruments without seeing you do it. That means no pops, no clicks, no hum while you grab your next instrument. Just leave them all connected to the Lehle 3at1 SGoS, and it'll take care of the switching silently and reliably. How? Gold-plated relay switches with pop/click suppression - professional grade circuitry for serious performance.

Mix and match instruments and sources

You may have found the Lehle 3at1 SGoS looking for a solution for your guitars or basses, but it can handle virtually any instrument with ease. Acoustics with piezo pickups, passive or active pickups, even line level sources are accommodated by the 3at1 SGoS. And inputs A and B have gain adjustments, so you can balance all connected instruments and sources relative to input C.

Professional switching capabilities

The Lehle 3at1 SGoS fits into even the most complicated stage rigs, and can be programmed via MIDI for even more flexibility. You can also network the 3at1 SGoS with other Lehle switchers for convenience. With so many ways to use the Lehle 3at1 SGoS, call your Sweetwater Sales Engineer to see how the 3at1 SGoS will work with your gear.

Lehle 3at1 SGoS Instrument Switcher Features:
  • Silent switching for up to three instruments
  • Versatile inputs handle electric instruments, piezo pickups, and line-level sources
  • Gold-plated relay switching and pop/click suppression provide sonically transparent performance
  • Stereo signal path makes it ideal for keyboard switching, and stereo effects processors
  • Programmable via MIDI for configurable functionality

Switch between instruments like a pro with the Lehle 3at1 SGoS instrument switcher!

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