D'angelico EXL-1 Sunburst


$ 1,099.00 

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From the smoky clubs of the West Village to the hallowed concert halls of Europe, D'angelico guitars have traveled the world in the hands of the finest players on the planet.  Guitarists such as Bucky Pizarelli, George Benson, Barney Kessel, Eric Clapton  and even Les Paul all fell under the spell of John D'Angelico's masterful creations.  Unfortuantely, unless you were a world renowned guitarist or had a spare $50,000 burning a hole in your pocket, owning a D'Angelico was pretty much out of the question.  

Fast forward to 2013... Brenden Cohen, Steve Pisani and John Ferolito Jr. take over the D'Angelico name and introduce the Standard series.  Korean built to the strict specifications of their master builders, they make owning one (or more!) of these legendary instruments in reach of working musicians and hobbyists alike.

We are honored here at BGE that D'Angelico contacted us to carry these musical works of art!  This EXL-1 recently arrived, and we are extremely impressed.  It has the all the vibe of a classic high end archtop and sells for...get this...$1299.00!

A few specs on this guitar (From the D'Angelico website):

"Like every D’Angelico guitar, the EXL-1 exudes elegance. Some notable features include the distinctive headstock with a mother-of-pearl Excel inlay and Art Deco truss rod cover. The beauty of the signature stairstep pickguard (with mounted volume and tone controls) and matching tailpiece is enhanced by the mother-of-pearl square block inlays, bookamatched laminated carved Spruce top, and Maple back. Gold Grover Super Rotomatic stairstep tuners and gold-plated hardware round out the EXL-1s classic appointments. A deluxe hardshell case is included."

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