PedalTrain Voodoo Labs mounting bracket


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Pedaltrain Universal Power Supply Mounting Bracket (PT-VDL-MK )

Universal Brackets PT-VDL-MK is designed to help you mount almost anything under a Pedaltrain pedal board including things like your favorite power source, patch bay, buffer, wireless unit, switching system, auxiliary pedals, power strip, LED lights, etc.

Universal Brackets are designed to work with the widest possible range of shapes and sizes no matter what you choose to mount underneath your Pedaltrain.

Pedaltrains universal brackets are durable yet flexible – they can be bent, cut, drilled, creased, etc. to meet your specific needs. There are no rules, and no perfect way to use our Universal Brackets.

Mounts most other brands of power supplies underneath the Classic, Novo, and Terra series boards.
PT-VDL-MK can also be substituted with UBKT-2, and will be able to mount onto any boards the UBKT-2 specifies.

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