Pre-Order Cole Clark Angel 2 Spruce/Blackwood Acoustic Guitar

Cole Clark

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Cole Clark's guitars are among the best sounding acoustics guitars made in the world today. Add to it their revolutionary mic/pickup system and you have a guitar that sounds exactly the same plugged in to a PA system as it does sitting in your lap. Every nuance of the guitar tone, every touch to any surface of the guitar, every aspect of your playing will shine through in ways you never could achieve with any other acoustic electric. Cole Clark guitars will make your live show sound better than you ever imagined, and give you complete control over the sound of the guitar in both front of house, and monitor systems. They are quickly becoming the guitar of choice for live gigs and recordings around the world.

    Scale: 25.5 inch (same as the Fat Lady Series)
    Neck Width at the Nut: 44.4mm
    Body Depth: 122.1mm
    Body Length: 496.7mm
    Body Width at the Rear Bout (Widest point): 385.4mm
    Body Type: Cutaway
    Binding Type: Timber
    Rosette: Cole Clark unique timber type/ various
    Headstock: Contoured type
    Soundboards: Spruce
    Blackwood Sides
    Blackwood Back
    Rear Bracing 'Lattice'
    Fingerboard inlays: Dot
    Pickup Preamp: Facebrace type

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