Carr Slant 6V 2 x 12 Black Tolex


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This is a Pre-Owned Carr Slant 6v 2 x12 with Carr Kingpin 60 12" Speakers.   Very Good Condition a few very small scratches in the Tolex.  Comes with a cover.
  • Two independent foot-switchable channels
  • Channel one: classic clean to blues grit
  • Channel two: sixties crunch to screaming sustain
  • Boost switch for extra gain in channel two
  • Reverb controls in both channels
  • Two-button footswitch for channel switching and boost included
  • Three power modes: Full (40 watts), Half fixed bias (22 watts), and Half cathode bias (18watts)
  • 5AR4 tube rectifier
  • 4 6V6 output tubes
  • Selectable output impedance
  • Extra speaker output jack

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