Analog Man modded Maxon SD-9 Sonic Distortion


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This is a pre-owned Analog Man modded Maxon SD-9 Sonic Distortion.

Bring a new level of wow to your tone with an Analog Man SD-9 modded pedal. Give yourself the tone and control you've been looking for. Get one today!

Analog Man offers the Maxon SD-9/Super, a great distortion pedal. After our mods the low end won't disappear when you turn up the tone knob. Optional MIDS knob allows you to really tune it in, and you can dial out the scooped mids if desired.

An SD-9 is sort of like a TS-9 with more hair, they have a thicker, more saturated distortion sound which is great for leads or thick rhythm. Ibanez made these at the same time as the original TS9 (early 80s) and now Maxon is making them.
Scott Henderson had been using our modified SD9 for a while so we got a lot of requests for them. We can finally fulfill these requests with these new Maxon pedals. The Maxon pedal has a TRUE BYPASS switch also, so there is no buffering or change in tone when the pedal is off. Maxon pedals are made by the company that made the original Ibanez pedals so they are the real deal. You can see Scott's TS9/808/silver on the left, and the SD9 mod on the right (which he or his wife have partially painted orange, which is more of a distortion pedal color!). Thanks to (c) Prosound communications Inc (who distributes our pedals in Japan) for the picture.
Our new SD9/Super mod takes the fine sounding SD9 and makes it smoother, warmer, and clearer, while retaining all the gain and cool tones of the sonic distortion. It does not make it sound like a tube screamer. The SILVER mod is not really needed on the SD9, as it's not meant to be a transparent pedal like an overdrive. So we recommend the SUPER mod instead for the best tone without spending money on the expensive silver parts which make little difference on a distortion pedal. The new Maxon SD-9/Super pedal is $165. This mod will totally change the stock sound as you turn the tone knob up, making the whole range useable. Also our mod kills any remnants of high frequency noise or oscillation if you crank the knobs. See my SD-9 page for more info on our revoicing.

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