Matthew Chenoweth - Head Instructor - Co-Owner @ Boutique Guitar Exchange

Lessons in: Guitar, Bass, Drums, Piano & Voice, Recording and Engineering

Matthew has been professionally active in music since his early teens, singing and playing in choruses, quartets, orchestras and swing bands and jazz ensembles, as well as starting his own bands, signing record contracts, touring for 10 years. He continues to play in a variety of bands in Atlanta covering styles from Honky Tonk Country to progressive and indie rock, playing at notable Atlanta night spots like Smith's Olde Bar or the EARL, as well as Verizon Amphitheater on bills with Tim McGraw and Rascal Flats, among others. As a multi instrumentalist, he also picks up music gigs on bass, drums, keys and voice. Most recently he has taken on the role of teacher and music mentor to up and coming musicians in Atlanta. He attended the world renowned West Minister Choir College while in high school and studied voice under Lois Laverty (principal at the Met Opera in NYC), attended Berklee College of Music in Boston for Guitar (and was a professional studio musician in Boston during this time). He also took voice at New England Conservatory of Music and Boston University (Studying under Philis Hoffman - principal of the Boston Opera Company) before finally getting a history degree/music minor from Harvard.

During his college years he began teaching. One of his bass students (John Renaud) was eventually featured in Bass Player Magazine in the late 1990s. Matt was also actively writing and producing albums for his band Crab Daddy, which upon graduation from Harvard, signed a record contract with TVT records, and then moved over to the legendary Ace of Hearts records in Boston. From that point on it was all music. Touring upwards of 250 shows per year included tour legs with Paul Westerberg (the Replacements), Charlatans UK, Urge Overkill, The Drovers and many more. The band released 3 albums in the 5 year window of heavy touring.

After this period of touring Matthew settled in Atlanta where he continued to perform and record music with his bands Trampoline, Brain Box, Shamgod, The Goldest, Turn Down Service and Tag Team. He has also been lead guitarist in corporate bands like the Rolling Stones tribute Main St. Exiles and Convoy (honky tonk & southern rock). As a lead guitarist and lead vocalist Matthew knows how to guide bands musically to achieve the best possible version of any original or cover song, and as a back up player, he knows the importance of working within a team environment and taking direction of the people in charge to give them the best performance they need. Both are different, but important parts of being a successful musician, or a becoming a success at school or any career path chosen. This kind of intellectual development translates to every day life and helps students perform better scholastically, and professionals work smarter.

Matthew began teaching at Boutique Guitar Exchange under the previous owner and quickly established a teaching program that excelled students to first chair in orchestras and bands at their local schools. For adults who want to have fun it's the perfect place to learn quickly and efficiently.  He combines the songs and musical interests of his students with an analysis of the theory behind how their favorite songs were written. The benefit for students is they become the best musicians in their grades and programs with a deeper, more intuitive knowledge of theory than they would get from their school programs. For adults and hobbyists, they learn to recognize chord progressions and understand how songs are built so they can play along with anyone at most any time and have a great time doing it.

Some of Matt's student success stories:

Mia: Mia has written, and is releasing, her first full length recording with Matt helping to refine and arrange the songs, co-write songs, and help her understand the recording process by learning how to produce her material and track her own parts. At the age of 15 Mia is well underway to take the music world by storm.

Kavi and Nyan started their guitar and drum lessons (respectively) at age 5. Now at ages 11 and 9 they have performed at the Candler Park Fall festival 2 times and at the Inman Park Festival twice, playing Crazy Train, Spoon Man, Smells Like Teen Spirit, Seven Nation Army, Pride and Joy, and many more. They have quickly become one of the best guitar and bass combos in town and are dedicated to music and a rewarding future playing, writing and recording music!

Emma: Emma has progressed quickly and her hard work won her an opportunity to move to Los Angeles (continuing her lessons via Skype) and has been working with an agent and major label record producers both here and in LA. At the age of 14 she is acting in movies, singing on soundtracks, writing songs and working on her first EP of original music.

Madelyn: Madelyn started taking guitar with an eye for theater and performance and Matt helped her get into Dekalb School for the Arts where, as a sophomore, she is one of the principals in the drama department, performing lead characters, dancing and recording music. She performs regularly in the Atlanta area. She is currently working on her first album as well.

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