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In December 2016 Boutique Guitar Exchange (BGX) will give away a Suhr Pro, or Suhr Modern Satin, to a winner of our photo competition. The competition has 2 parts - monthly entries for a monthly award (listed below) and a final round for all the monthly winners. This final round of the competition will be competing for the guitar.

The first part is a monthly contest for the best photograph of players using gear that BGX is a dealer for. From Feb to November 2016 entrants will submit photo of pedals, pedal boards, guitars and amps that show not only the gear, but where they are using that gear; club gigs, festivals, theaters, churches, recording studios, arenas - where ever you perform. Look over the brands BGX carries and don't forget to bring a camera or phone to your next gig. It is perfectly fine if you are in the photo, or the person taking it. Please try to capture the gear and the 'place' as much as possible in one image. Be creative. Think of it as a solo. We'll be looking at the gear, the location and the 'art' of the image you submit.

Important:  Please use the hashtags rules we provide below, and make sure you 'Like' us on Facebook and 'Follow' us on Instagram. That way we can be sure to see your image.

Each month, from Feb to November 2016, entrants will 'hashtag' their photo entry and BGX will collect them and announce a winner during the 1st week of the following Month.

Please use the following hashtag rule:

#BGXFreeSuhrFebruary.   (# - store abrv. - give away - month of entry)

When you post your image - tag us on FB and Instagram, and use the hashtag formula above. We want to be sure to get your submission.

Monthly prizes:

Month prizes will be a $100 gift certificate for BGX that can be used for anything in the store, or a guitar pedal/effect as provided by participating vendors. We don't have a full list of vendors yet, but we will announce any additional sponsors as they join us in the giveaway.

Monthly winners:

Images submitted each month between Feb and November 2016 will be judged and awarded at the sole discretion of BGX.
Month by month photo galleries will be available on the BGX web site as the competition progresses.

Final prizes:

Finalist: A Suhr Pro S (or T) style, or Suhr Modern Satin
Runner Up: $500 gift certificate from BGX to be used on any gear we sell.

Final winners:

The total assembly of images that won a monthly competition between Feb and Nov 2016 - a total of 10 images - will be posted for a social media vote. Images posted on both Facebook and Instagram will be counted for likes. The highest number of 'likes' will be the winner.

cut and paste hashtags we will search for:


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