Danelectro D63 - Sparkle Blue


$ 399.99 
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Danelectro D63

This Iconic guitar features our new '56 Lipstick pickups - closely replicating the tone of the very best Danelectro pickups of the 1950s.

The Danelectro '63 Dano is brings back all the mojo of the vintage original!

The Danelectro '63 Dano brings you the classic guitar from yesteryear but upgraded with modern features. This iconic guitar features Danelectro '56 Lipstick pickups that closely replicate the tone of very best Danelectro pickups of the 1950s, and a fully adjustable bridge is a serious improvement from the wooden bridges found on vintage instruments. If you love old-school tone and vibe, you can't go wrong with a Dano '63. Case not included.

We go the extra mile for you, and give these instruments a perfect set up when they arrive, so you are assured they play beautifully, sound amazing and are ready to hit the stage!


  • Double cutaway offset horn shape
  • Scale length: 25"
  • Number of frets: 19
  • Fully adjustable bridge
  • Two '56 lipstick pickups
  • One master volume
  • One master tone
  • 3-way pickup selector
  • Case not included

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