A  gangly, young Jimi  Hendrix strikes a rock star pose on his front  lawn with his first electric guitar.  ln a London studio John Entwistle records a bass solo on the Who’s “My Generation” that explodes in a twanging  bluster.  Tommy Tedesco  drones through a soundtrack session on electric  sitar.  ln a solo spotlight, Jimmy Page takes an arena full of fans on a twenty-minute modal excursion with “Black  Mountain Side.”  In a West Coast bar David Lindley plays chunk chords on a department store guitar and somewhere behind all that hair, he’s smiling.


Linking these vignettes is an instrument made with beaverboard and lipstick
covers, called Danelectro.  Before its demise in 1969, the Danelectro Corporation manufactured an impressive number of electric instruments that are distinguished in their design innovations, their quality at a budget price and their unparalleled weirdness.

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