Extended Black Friday-Cyber Monday Deals!

Greetings Purveyors of the Perfect Tone!

Why only offer deals this weekend?  Let's keep the savings going all through December!  We recently stocked up on Tuners, Capos, Slides, Wall Hangers, Straps, Cables, Gig Bags, Etc...So, we are offering an extra 10% off accessories from now until the end of December.

We're also putting together some great deals in package form for Danelectro guitars, and our new student line called Crestwood! As with all the gear at the store, we're willing to consider a 'holiday' special put together specifically for you on just about all the gear we carry (Strymon not included).

We can also make a deal on our lesson packages and a guitar to get started, or fix you up with a killer, handwired amp for under $500. There's so much to consider that it's worth a look through out web site, or swinging by the store to say hi.

Both Vertex and JHS are offering 20% off their pedal lines, via dealers like us, through Monday! Check it out and pick up what you need. We have lots on hand, but can drop ship them to you as well.

If you want it, and we're sold out, we'll drop ship it to you. Check out our deals and we'll get you started this Holiday Season with the best deals we can make!

Check out the deals on some new gear that recently arrived. You'll find them on our navigation menu under Holiday Specials: http://boutique-guitar-exchange.myshopify.com/collections/holiday-specials

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