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10% Off of Accessories, and Recent Price Drops!

Greetings Purveyors of the Perfect Tone!

The entire month of December, we are offering an extra 10% off of all of our guitar accessories. Strings, Straps, Tuners, Slides, etc.  Need bulk items like bags of picks or boxes of strings?  We can do that and ship them to you as well!

TMG's Gatton is their premium rendition of the first solid body “Spanish style” electric guitar to be commercially mass-produced back in the early 1950’s. Though straight forward in design, session players and touring musicians alike praise it for it’s versatility. The warm neck and twangy bridge tones produced by this instrument can be heard on recordings from nearly every genre of popular music. The standard model features a traditional lightweight ash body, 3-way pickup selector, two hand wound single coil pickups, and your choice of a rosewood or maple fretboard.

On hand now, at Boutique Guitar Exchange is an Esquire style Gatton - wired with a 3 way selector that bypasses the pickup in the 1st position, but full tone control in the 2nd, and has a highpass filter in the 3rd for that extra jazzy tone. It is by far one of the best looking relics we've ever seen, and it plays like the real McCoy! You gotta try this one out. You'll be glad you did.

On hand right now, we also have a 2014 PRS S2 Custom 24 in great condition. It's a streamlined version of the ever popular Custom 24 - a Pro Level PRS for under $1K! It's got the tone, the balance, the feel and the playability of PRS, and is perfect for under the tree this year! Give it a try and see what you think! You'll be glad you did!

Check out these beauties and come by for a play, a chat, or to check out the other great gear we have. If you can't come by in person, send us an email and we'll be happy to answer any questions you have. We're glad to know everyone who loves music, playing and fantastic gear as much as we do. And if you're just getting into the hand made gear for the first time - let us show you around and help you sort through the amazing amount of gear to choose from. We can help guide you right to the perfect tone for the style you play!

Yours in tone
Matt, Mark and Blake

Extended Black Friday-Cyber Monday Deals!

Greetings Purveyors of the Perfect Tone!

Why only offer deals this weekend?  Let's keep the savings going all through December!  We recently stocked up on Tuners, Capos, Slides, Wall Hangers, Straps, Cables, Gig Bags, Etc...So, we are offering an extra 10% off accessories from now until the end of December.

We're also putting together some great deals in package form for Danelectro guitars, and our new student line called Crestwood! As with all the gear at the store, we're willing to consider a 'holiday' special put together specifically for you on just about all the gear we carry (Strymon not included).

We can also make a deal on our lesson packages and a guitar to get started, or fix you up with a killer, handwired amp for under $500. There's so much to consider that it's worth a look through out web site, or swinging by the store to say hi.

Both Vertex and JHS are offering 20% off their pedal lines, via dealers like us, through Monday! Check it out and pick up what you need. We have lots on hand, but can drop ship them to you as well.

If you want it, and we're sold out, we'll drop ship it to you. Check out our deals and we'll get you started this Holiday Season with the best deals we can make!

Check out the deals on some new gear that recently arrived. You'll find them on our navigation menu under Holiday Specials:

Happy Halloween! New Arrivals 10/29/15

James Tyler L.A. Studio Classic 2015 Charcoal Frost

Another beauty from Tyler.  Comes with midboost and painted headstock upgrades.

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Pre-Owned Demeter Tremulator Tremolo

This is a Pre-Owned Demeter Tremulator in near mint condition.  It does not have original box. A hybrid of vintage sound and state-of-the-art quality, the Demeter Tremulator is designed for years of trouble-free operation

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Suhr Standard Faded Trans Green Burst

Looking for something unique? Check out this beautiful Suhr Standard, part of their 2015 "Inspired by Nature" collection. 

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Bearfoot Gated Apple Fuzz

This is a Pre-Owned Bearfoot Gated Apple Fuzz in Excellent Condition.The Bearfoot Gated Apple Fuzz is the Candy Apple Fuzz GOLD pushed farther into its gated potential with a little extra velcro rip thrown in for fun.

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To Buffer or Not To Buffer!

Greetings purveyors of the perfect tone!  

At last!  You have scoured the gear universe to amass an awe inspiring collection of high end true bypass pedals and audiophile cables, and the time to assemble your pedal board is now!  Perhaps, depsite all of your attention to tone conducting detail, you feel like something is getting lost sonically between your fingers and your amp.  You plug your guitar directly into the amp...Sparkle!  Chime!  Then, back through your board.  Dull.  Mud.  Dammit!  How can this be?

Well, friends...It might be time to add the much misunderstood BUFFER to your board!

For those of you unfamiliar with this tone saving tool or have some questions as to what exactly they do, read on!

Basically, when you combine lengthy cables with several stomp boxes, a little electrical phenomenon called “capacitance” occurs.  Without going into great scientific detail (Hell, I barely understand this myself!), it's responsible for the loss of clarity and definition that you heard when you plugged directly in your amp bypassing your board.  Depending on the number of pedals you use and how long you your cabling is, this top end signal loss can be quite significant.

A buffer is a little active electronic circuit that helps keep regulate the impedence in your signal flow thus restoring the integrity of your tone when it reaches your amplifier.  It generally should be put at the beginning (or very close to the beginning) of your pedal chain so it can send it's massive sonic saving goodness all the way down your tone tunnel.  

Keep in mind that running a buffer before any type of Fuzz pedal might make it sound a bit odd, since fuzzes are generally designed to work best with lower impedence inputs.  Volume pedals generally perfom better with the buffer run after them as well.  But hey!  It's your pedal board, experiment and find what you like best!

If you have everything in place and you like the tone...great!  You may not need a buffer.  Actually, most Boss pedals have a buffer built in, so you may have been running one this whole time!  If you do feel like something is a little lackluster in your guitar sound, check out some of the great tone saving tools we have available at BGE!

If you want some more info, check out this video.  He explains the basics and then goes into great detail about buffering.

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